Horseshoe Island NY

October 19, 2014 Horseshoe Island

Six kayakers showed up at the launch. It was about 42 degrees with a brisk 15-20 mph wind. Yep, brrrrr!! One headed back home. One grabbed a warm coffee at Panera and walked around watching the hawks; just hoping the wind would lessen and warm up a bit before her launch. She noticed that even the geese would rather walk around the mall on a day like this.

Four braved the elements and hopped in their boats. Well, actually three hopped in their boats and one proudly squished his body through the tight cockpit of his newly handmade Greenland qajaq. Great job, Bob! It’s a real beauty. It is also a bit tippy so he waited until the large waves of a bigger boat stopped pounding on the shore. Bill was pleased as well to be able to try out his newly repaired Lincoln kayak before the snow. Hugh will get his rack changed out, so we can gawk at his new handcrafted birthday qajaq on another day.

The four paddlers (Bob, Hugh, Mark and Bill) returned safely after approx two hours and 10 miles on the water, declaring that it was warmer in their boats. Bob showed us how much tougher it is to pull his body out of the qajaq. I think the thought of dumping in that cold water was good motivation. His balance was perfect.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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