Fish Creek NY

2014 Memorial Day Paddle Fish Creek NY

Seventeen kayakers and 40,000 boats turned out for our Memorial Day paddle. The kayakers were Hugh (proudly displaying the American flag on his kayak), Bob, Peter, Michelle, Kim, Ruth, Bill G, Steve, Sue, Edie, Alice, Greg, Bill E, Mary, Charles, Gene and Tish. Oneida Lake was very choppy, so we chose to take our paddle on Fish Creek instead of the inviting high waters of the Oneida River. The boat people along the route were amusing. One boat family had an open grill where they were cooking ginger pork. Another group was asking for entertainment and Bob accommodated the crowd by rolling. After the accolades calmed, they tried to get a few more of us to roll. We said “you first!” Lots of kids were jumping in and out of the 62 degree water. Several geese families were also out for their paddle. The little ones were staying pretty close to their mamas. We passed our normal rest spot and stopped at a softer beach (i.e. sinking sand). Deer prints were everywhere. After the nice break we headed back with the boat procession. But after the first corner our photographer for the day couldn’t find her camera, so a search party went back to the beach, scanning the water and asking passing boaters if they had seen the camera. Luckily it was found. That pretty pink color was spotted near the shore. Whew. We averaged 3 mph. The wind was at our back on the way out, and the current gave us a little ride on the way back. We paddled approx 9 miles. The early birds, Bob and Hugh paddled almost 18 miles, 9 on the lake and 9 with the rest of us. Eight went around the corner for a good meal at Our Cause Tavern. It was a great choice for Memorial Day with their Military décor. Their cause is to recognize our heroes. If you bring in a picture of your service member, fireman or police officer, they will scan it and proudly display it on their walls.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Michelle Stoddard

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