Delta Lake NY

Paddle date 8/10/14 Delta Lake

Thirteen was the lucky number on a balmy August day with temperatures in the 90’s at Delta Lake. Five had spent the two previous nights in the beautiful campground: Steve, Mark, Michelle, Kim and Christine. Paddlers were: Steve, Kathy, Ray, Christine, Kim, Eric, Michelle, Bill G., Ruth, Bill E., Mark, Dave L. and Hugh. On the advice of Ray, we first took in the Spectacular views of the cliffs and the dam. Then it was off to go through the marshy area and down the Mohawk River. Plenty of wildlife was seen including herons, kingfishers, baby perch and other assorted fish. Once down the river to our usual snacking/ break stop, several of the gentlemen were treated to the sight of a fawn running out of the woods. (They probably would have gotten to watch it run a little longer, but all of them were preoccupied with watering the weeds…) Mark decided to do a little swimming in the river and several others waded in the refreshing coolness. It was determined that Bill E. really needs to work on his tan a little better as the tanned legs with the white ankles and feet was a little more than some people could take. It was back to the launch site where cars were loaded and a familiar face came by to say “Hi!” Pam, having recently been hit by a deer was unable to get her kayak on top of the rental car so she had to pass on the paddle in her backyard. She did join Kim, Eric, Ray, Heather, Jason, Wesley, Hugh, Dave L., Kathy, Christine and Mark at the Delta Lake in for a fine meal. After dinner, everyone passed their dishes to Mark – as he has been designated the official club dishwasher.

Report by Michelle Stoddard Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Eric Zhaman

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