Chimney Bluff NY

Paddle date 6/1/14 ~ Chimney Bluffs

14 kayakers paddled on what turned out to be a spectacular day on the lake. The weather was in the mid 80’s, sunshine and very little breeze. Lake Ontario cooperated and was almost like glass for our paddle. The paddlers were Kim, Eric, Christine, Bob, Dave L., Dave F., Bill, Steve, Greg, Rick, Sue, Mark, Michelle, and Ray. The paddle through the small bay was filled with algae and weeds, which lead to having to portage because the state DEC has been treating the bay with chemicals they didn’t want in the lake and they had filled in the channel with stone.

It was well worth it, though. We were treated to some wonderful views of the bluffs and several photos were taken. Rick apparently was the only one who did not see the bluffs as he paddled right by them without our customary snack break and opportunity to climb. We ended up on a little piece of beach about a mile and a half past the bluffs for some good conversation and food sharing.

It all worked out as we got some even better shots of the bluffs on our return trip. (Side note here: don’t ever call a man driving a boat taking pictures of two scantily clad teenagers a pervert. Thanks to Dave L. for telling Christine and I to turn, otherwise we would have been swamped when he roared past us in his gas guzzling boat!)

We portaged back into the bay where I decided to check the water temperature by falling in – yup – was about 47 degrees, but with the sunshine and warm air – it was a welcome refreshment. Back across the bay to load everyone up.

Kim had gone before the paddle and checked out a local establishment called Dockside. The service was a tad – how do I say this politically correctly – underwhelming. (Rick, did you ever get your napkin and silverware?) However – the food was worth the wait. Salads, burgers, shrimp po’ boys, wings, Cubans and chicken sandwiches were just some of the items served with corn, coleslaw, fresh cut fruit and fries. If you left hungry after this meal you probably will leave hungry after one of the Saturday night meals on a camping trip! Over all, if you missed this paddle, you missed a good one. Hopefully the remainder of the season will turn out just as spectacular as today.

Report by Michelle Stoddard Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Eric Zhaman

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