Salmon River Reservoir
July 16, 2017

Eighteen kayakers launched on the vanishing CCC Rd beach for an approx. 6-mile to 19-mile pleasant day paddle on the reservoir. They were: Bill G and Ruth, Steve R and Pat R., Rick and Cindy, Bill E. Steve S., Cindy MP, Dave L., Dave F., Alice, Amy, Doug, Mike, Hugh, Bob, and Kim.

There were no washing machine waves to deal with this year. Wind gusts were a mere 6 mph. It was an easy trip across and around the corner by the dam, with a few boats to avoid. At our typical halfway resting point, there was no room in the culvert to paddle through. The culvert was barely visible because of the high water this year. A few bathing beauties waded into the fairly warm water for a refreshing dip. There was no wildlife, unless you count the 11 kids and dog at one of the rustic campsites.

Bob and Hugh got an early start and traveled up to the bridge near our previous launch. They said you could just about reach up and touch the bridge. They paddled under it a few weeks ago and were able to get in 10 miles. For reference, our old trip paddle under the bridge ended at low water after 4.8 miles. Unbelievable. Check out the pictures of the launch and culvert water levels 2016 vs 2017. Anyone want to build an ark?

For those newbies curious about the sign on CCC Rd which says "Little America". This area is often referred to as "Little America" because it so closely preserves the raw natural beauty that once covered the terrain before intense settlement recreated the landscape (per google). The CCC refers to the Civilian Conservation Corps which began in March of 1933 under Roosevelt’s “New Deal”. Interesting history is associated with this area.

Nine traveled into Pulaski to LD’s Alehouse for bathrooms-around-the-world conversation and refreshments, including homemade fries and chips. In order of food delivery they were: Kim, Amy, Hugh, Steve S., Dave L, Dave F, Ruth, Bill, and ‘’’ … ‘’’ … um waitress … ‘’’ … sorry … ‘’’ … … … ‘’’ … … … and Mike. He said his cowboy burger was worth waiting for. Last year it was Rick’s beer that took forever. Whose turn will it be next year?

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Bill Getz

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