Lakeview Marsh
July 2, 2017

It was a beautiful day....12 paddlers in all...3 paddlers went out early to explore. Bob and Hugh went as far as the Rte 3 bridge and beyond...hitting rapids just beyond the bridge...the farthest they had ever got because of the water height. I however, didn't make it quite that far, but travelled around the island...seeing the houses there with the water up so high. Surprisingly, no other wild turtles and no herons. The rest of the group, Dave (Luber), Dave (Fish), Bill & Ruth, Mike, Amy, Doug, Bill E and a new person, can't remember her name (sorry)...all came later and made the 2.6 miles paddle to the 'beach'....which was hard to find. The water must have been a foot higher than normal...and combine that with the relentless waves, made it difficult to beach. But we did and had our snacks (gouda cheese & crackers, chocolate chip cookies and salsa & chips). Bob went into the waves a bit, but didn't stay out there very long...decided to come back to us by the beach and roll a couple of time. After a suitable time, we decided to depart and made our way back to the put-in. Afterwards, 7 decided to go to the Waterfront for some dinner and live music. A wonderful Sunday.

Images & Report by Eric Zhaman, Images by Amy Wood and Bill Getz

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