Skaneateles Lake
August 6, 2017

Videos of the paddle

Nina, dragonflies and a man wanting $3 to drop our boat in the water met us at the Town of Scott launch. It was a cooler Sunday (72 degrees). The wind was mostly from the west and we were hugging the west shore, so no problem was expected with waves. Of course, the wind did not stay from the west. There was a nice northern breeze which produced ripples. We looked forward to its help on the way back. Cindy MP in her sturdy new boat was quite content (and less wary of an unexpected swim) on this paddle. Dave’s GPS said it was about 5.4 miles to the camp. There was cantaloupe (compliments of Nina) and pita chips with Mexican dip (compliments of Dave L) to share as we ate our lunch at the cozy camp. What a nice relaxing treat. Nina was “bubbly” as usual, albeit a bit achy after 3 hours of paddling without a stretch. Thank you for the invitation, Nina. It was nice to see you.

The trip back was quicker with the wind behind us. Ha! Fooled you. There was barely any wind, and when it did blow - it was from the south. It did seem faster going back though. The lake was a lovely green color. We have seen a lot of brown water this year and few green or blues that weren’t algae. The black dragonflies followed and one inadvertently got in a picture. A lone turtle rested on a log. The impressive camps and mansions along the way were enjoyable to look at. Boats, docks and rafts were decorated with various unique obstacles to keep the poopy wildlife away. A sea plane soured overhead. It may have been the same one we saw parked. Some water skiers came quite close to the paddlers in the front.

After the paddle, four of us wandered over to the Glen Haven Restaurant nearby. The menu was small, but the burgers and fish were quite good. They had Ithaca and Cortland brews on tap. Tasty. It was pleasant sitting on the porch. The paddlers were Nina, newbie John (welcome!), Frank, Rick, Cindy P., Dave L., Pat, Steve, Dave F., Cindy MP, Mike and Kim. The last 4 were the diners.

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz, Images & Videos by Frank Valls

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