October 8, 2017

The morning showers and overcast skies kept most of the paddlers at bay today. Bob, after paddling 4-5 miles on his own and playing in the Oneida Lake waves arrived at the launch site to guide Cindy MP and John down Fish Creek. The clouds provided welcome relief from what would have been a very hot sun on an already balmy October day with humid temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. The wind was at our back going against the current and in our face going with the current striking a nice balance. One of the tributaries provided a beautiful journey through natures finest while the other provided a view of local camps. At one point we saw a goose flying solo looking for his flock which I'm quite confident he must have found as there were many geese about. There were also various varieties of ducks, a hawk and a crane maybe(?) who was drying his feathers on a fallen tree. Bob let Cindy MP try his Greenland paddle on the way back after the break. She's keen on the greater surface area, light weight and efficiency but was happy she was wearing her skirt as she found it a bit drippy. There were quite a few fishermen about as well. The blue sky and sunshine presented itself during the last part of the 11 mile journey. Cindy had a Wegmans turkey sub, sun chips and a glass of Skaneateles' finest (hopefully sans blue green algae) for dinner and has no idea what John and Bob had for dinner other than Supertramp! (So jealous!)

Images & Report by Cindy MP

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