Jacks Reef
October 22, 2017

Seventeen kayakers invaded the launch at Jacks Reef. They were Eric, Deb, Ginny, Cindy MP, Frank, Bill E., Mike, Amy, Dave L., Jim, Kim, Bill G, Ruth, Rick and Cindy, Gene and Tish. The air temperature was a perfect 75 degrees. Colorful leaves filled some trees and floated on the water. From the launch on the Seneca River we took a left to Big Island. The smaller island (and its abandoned toilet) was nowhere to be seen. A couple of kayakers paddle out to buoys to look for signs of our normal break isle. Gene saw some shadows maybe 2 feet below his kayak which we suspected was submerged land of Little Island. We had no choice but to dock at the small sandy shore on Big Island for a stretch. If you jumped on the sand near the shore it bounced up and down. Several large trees on the edge of the island lost their grip of solid ground. Maybe the flooding earlier in the year caused their demise. We noticed high water lines on trees along the way. Bees were not very friendly and one took a bite of me.

After break we finished circumnavigating Big, and one group took the longer way back via the Erie Canal with its high cliffs. We passed evil sounding dogs barking from a place that boards impounded dogs. Cindy MP was accosted by 2 carp. She also got entrapped by weeds hidden under some leaves. Cormorants filled the trees. Seagulls floated near our boats. Water fowl were over the water looking for fish.

Safely back on land, we loaded up and 11 headed for Buffalo Wild Wings. On the way, Jim picked up a few items that flew off someone’s rack and returned them to their home. Good man, Jim! The food was tasty at the restaurant. Ignore those calories, especially the 2900 for that sampler platter. You will work it off after 10 more paddles, right? The Buffalo Bills won. Yay! Up charges were kept a secret and only after you got your bill did you find out the choice the waitress offered was an extra $2.00 line item. So, beware when you eat there. We have added another paddle to the schedule and the last weekend in October is looking promising weather-wise (in the 60s). It’s a treat to get in these extra autumn paddles.

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz, Images Amy Wood & Eric Zhaman Video by Frank Valls

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