Horseshoe Island NY
October 15, 2017

What a day! Can you believe it is 81 degrees in mid October? Some kayakers wore shorts. Another lifted his hat to display a buzz cut - a cooler head for warm cruising days. Compare this day’s temp to Oct 2014. It was 42 degrees on that Horseshoe Island paddle. I passed golfers on the way to the paddle and thought if they could be out there on the course, we wouldn’t have any problem on the water. West wind gusts up to 30 mph were expected today, but less and a welcome breeze to stay cool. The only place we needed to engage our core muscles against the gusts was at the very end. Going counterclockwise around the island meant we were very close to the launch after circumnavigating, so the power sprint was short. We did not see many animals on land or in the air except a playful dog who loved the water. The metal cabinet was still on the shoreline near our break point. It has been there as long as I can remember. It just gets rustier every year. We ducked under one bridge for a short paddle up a creek. We zigzagged through the downed logs. Beavers had been busy. Geese seemed to like hanging out at the mall better than on the lawns along the river. A few boats buzzed by us and fishermen took advantage of the nice day too.

After the paddle, 5 of us went to Euclid where we had a few cool drafts, a couple bowls of bacon corn chowder, Rueben, chicken and biscuits. The food was good.

Today’s paddlers were Amy, Hugh, Ginny, Eric, Kim, Sue, Cindy MP and Trey, who joined us after launching from Phoenix. The weather people are predicting 70 degree weather for next Sunday. We are looking forward to extending our kayaking season.

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Amy Wood, Hugh Papworth and Eric Zhaman

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