Delta Lake
October 1, 2017

Brrr. Last week we sweat in our kayaks on Otisco Lake in near 90 degree temps. This week we headed to Delta Lake where there were overnight frost warnings and advisories. Gotta love central NY. It was a tad nippy at our first noon autumn launch (50ish degrees). The sun warmed us up about half way and layers were removed, sleeves rolled up and jackets unzipped. Those who wore shorts and T-shirts didn’t have that problem. A bald eagle spied us from a tree. Geese, shore birds, and sea gulls filled the many protrusions of land. The water level was extremely low. This is the first time (that I remember) when we could not paddle among the trees nor go to the Mohawk River bridge. There was NO entrance to the Mohawk River. Kayakers got stuck in low water far from shore. Amy worked on her pirouette in one shallow area. The water lines on the trees indicated that there was higher water at some point. I will dig up some pics from previous paddles so you new members can see the forest paddling.

We found a decent spot to stretch our legs. Deer prints filled the area. Pretzels were offered with queso dip. Thanks Dave and Greg. Remember Cindy’s evasive note to Eric on the message board “I got the 12X”? And the “Whoa! That’s really X-rated” observation by Amy? Well the 12X made its appearance at snack break. It was the finest, sharpest block of cheese a kayaker has ever enjoyed at Delta Lake. Thanks Cindy. So good!!

On the way back we noticed an immature eagle sitting on the same tree that the adult bald eagle had chosen to watch over us an hour ago. The youngster was not allowed to sit there for long. We heard a loud shriek that sounded like a crow warning, and the adult eagle appeared aimed at the immature one. They took flight and fought in the air for a few seconds, then the immature eagle flew off. The adult eagle again flew back to HIS tree and watched over HIS territory. That was exciting.

Back at the launch we shared the area with several bigger boats and their trailers. No one complained that we took their precious parking spots in that big lot. One year we had to park our cars quite a ways from the launch because those trailers had priority. The boaters are nicer in October I guess, though not one of the fishermen said they caught a thing.

The Delta Lake Inn was open so we ate there. The food was really good. We had a nice window view. Too bad there wasn’t more color in the trees.

Today’s nine kayakers were Eric, Amy, Ginny, Cindy MP, Dave L, Mike, Kim, Bill E and Greg K who arrived a little late and caught up with us by snack time. It was another great day to be outside on the water with terrific people. Let’s hope for a few more sunny days this fall.

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Amy Wood and Eric Zhaman

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