Mexico Point
July 30, 2017

It didn’t rain!! This was the 4th time we scheduled this new paddle. Three times it was rained out. This time – a gorgeous day.

Fourteen paddled: Dave F, Cindy MP, Bob, Hugh, Bill E, Pat, Steve, Bill G, Ruth, Sue, Eric, Mike, Kim, and Amy. Paddlers travelled in different directions. Several went out onto Lake Ontario to Sage Creek first while Ontario’s rolling waves were somewhat calm and methodical. It was still a bit much for one paddler and her tippy boat. She beached and was saved via car. Not all boats are good in waves, so some did not paddle Sage. Sage Creek was a bit tricky to find. A wooden eagle marked its narrow entrance. It was pretty and peaceful except for the loud gunshots. Steve pulled up some water chestnut with its tangled root system. You could see why it is a dangerous invasive species. The huge weave is like one of those Chinese finger traps.

After the Sage Creek journey, my group ventured back out onto Lake Ontario and traveled down the Little Salmon River. There were plenty of boats because of the Marina there. The boats were overloaded with fishing poles. How many can a person fish with at one time? There were several orange trees along the route. It looked like autumn was around the corner. Many docks are still underwater. We continued to paddle until we ran into rapids. Approx 6.75 miles was the total for all waterways.

Nine chose to patronize a local restaurant at Amy’s friend’s suggestion (THANKS!) The menu looked varied and all found something they liked to eat. Unfortunately there was no beer for those who wished to quench their thirst with a cold brew. Bill G clutched a weapon to protect his gratis raspberry cheesecake. Don’t even think about grabbing a taste of HIS food - ever.

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Amy Wood and Eric Zhaman

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