Lakeview Marsh
September 3, 2017

Well, fall is the trees shows us. Sunday was a bust for paddling, but 7 determined paddlers decided to make Monday, Labor day their paddling day. It started off fine with Dave Fish, Cindy MP, Deb, Alice, Amy, Doug and Eric meeting early for our venture. We took the normal route through South, then North Colwell Ponds, then took a right to go up the stream to the route 3 bridge and beyond. Dave and Cindy went a little farther then the group, as we decided to turn around and head to the beach. We all made it fine, but getting out was a little tricky because of the waves. And waves we did have, see the pictures. We spend some time watching a dog chase a ball through the waves and some others swimming...but the water was noticeably colder...fall in coming. As we got in out boats and headed back, we had a 15 mph wind to tackle. As Deb commented...'did we go through that large lake to get there?'....yes we did, but we did not have that wind to contend was a tough work out for everyone. But we all made it back with no paddle next week...maybe with a little bit more cloths...fall is coming.

Images & Report by Eric Zhaman

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