Whitney Point Reservoir
August 13, 2017

Nope, no alligator was spotted by today’s paddlers: Sandra, Bob, Hugh, Mike, John, Amy, Kim, Cindy MP, Rick, Cindy P, and Dave L. It would have made this uneventful paddle more exciting. (Yes, a calm Whitney paddle for a change.) We did stay closer together than usual, just because of lessons learned here. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees. The wind was from the north at 7-8 mph. We ran into waves in just one cove on the west side. Those who paddled the reservoir today for the first time, heard the story of how the club paddled over the bridge one year (2011) and how a paddler called the coast guard to save him when waves became too much for him to handle. The bridge was normal looking this Sunday, so they could only imagine how amazing that paddle was over a bridge. A fishing paddler joined us at the bridge, after he spent some time trying to catch a fish worthy of keeping. Better luck next time Dave.

After paddling the west side, we traveled up the Otselic River a bit. The current we normally have to maneuver through was not swirling. The wind we typically battle was just a breeze. The ground across from the break point seemed more eroded. The high water this year may have caused some damage. We paddled back on the east side with the wind behind us and a nice current to add an extra mph without trying. Dave watched a fisherman catch a fish near the bridge and proclaimed that it looked exactly like the one he caught earlier. I guess that fish liked the bait and tried his luck at gaining a second release. An eagle was spotted flying in and out of the trees. There were a few trees with red, yellow and orange colors – a blatant reminder of how fast the summer goes by. We passed several paddlers on the water. Some mentioned that they were looking out for an alligator, too. The two caught recently by the DEC looked smaller than the one in the kayaker’s photo published on the news. Near the launch a large group of people appeared to be taking some paddleboard lessons or yoga.

Bob and Hugh’s mileage was 19.3. Since they put in 8 miles before they joined us and a tad more on the river past the break point, the majority of the group logged about 11 miles. Nice job! (That bridge looked closer, didn’t it?)

After loading boats onto our cars and trucks, 7 of us decided to go the Doug’s Fish Fry in Cortland. The food was predictably good. The blueberry sundae - delish!

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz

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