Waterloo to Seneca Lake and The Crow’s Nest
July 9, 2017

Eleven kayakers joined in our traditional restaurant destination paddle. They were Amy, Eric, Bill E., Tish, Gene, Dave (Fish), Bill G., Ruth, Sue, Kim, and new girl Cindy MP. We launched amid the goose and duck poo on Oak Island near Lock 4. Although you may see several boats in the pictures, there were not as many as usual and only one needed to be yelled at to “slow down!” There were plenty of geese and ducks. A few still had little ones. There were a few unlikely matches: one, a male mallard hanging out solely with a pure white duck. They were near the launch together when we left, as well as when we returned. Two: there was a heron on a dock loaded with geese. He seemed to be quite proud of his diversity and posed for his picture with them. A group of 9 turtles on a log also did not seem to care how close I got for their photo. That is unusual because they typically dive when the camera clicks. I guess they were enjoying the sun as much as we were. We paddled 5 miles to the restaurant against a gusting west wind in 1 hour 15 minutes for the speedy paddler, 1 hour 40 minutes for the last boat. Even though Eric called ahead, our server said the kitchen was backed up by a half hour because of the crowd. It did not seem like we waited too long for food. I did not hear any complaints about the taste and all seemed quite satisfied. The weather was perfect for an outside meal. Squeezing back in the boat and liftoff at their steep launch was easier than expected. The west wind had changed to a northern breeze, so we had no help at our backs for the return trip. That is quite the mansion and boathouse HWS (Hobart and William Smith College) now has. Wow. Back at the launch we loaded up and some talked about an ice cream stop on their way home. I hope they enjoyed a tasty dessert.

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Eric Zhaman

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