Seneca Falls to Lock 1
Sept 10, 2017

Fourteen kayakers launched at the Community Center in Seneca Falls. We want to know why the Center (with 2 bathrooms) seems to be closed only on the Sundays we launch from there. It is a bit of a walk to the nearest gas station. Uphill both ways, right ladies? The weather was in the low 70s with a coolish breeze – nice autumn weather. The highlight of this paddle is going through the double locks - #2 and #3. We were accompanied by 5 cruisers, and a houseboat. One was from Greene, NY (fyi – it’s a little town and village northeast of Binghamton). We bunched up at the ropes so everyone fit and the big boats were very courteous – letting us through the gates first. Those gates sure had an eerie sound when they slammed shut. The water drained quite fast, creating whirlpools. There was not a lot of wildlife stirring – a few turtles, blue jay, ducks, heron and seagulls, who watched us from the sides of the locks. No eagles were spotted. A bunch of Amish kids were swimming and slipping down the slide on their boat. The water was 67 degrees. Brrr. Lunch break and leg stretch was at Lock #1 where Rick never fails to share the fact that I dumped in that one when I was a newbie. It is a favorite spot for fishermen, so finding smelly dead fish there is not surprising. We had to call the lockmaster on our radio (channel 13) on the way back. We had a bit of a wait since he didn’t seem to spot us waiting almost patiently. Lock 2 looked like a bubble bath as it filled. Lock 3 had quite a leak. We paddled by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum boat, a tugboat, and an old boat from Vermont. The Seneca Knitting Mills still stands. They made all the socks for the National Hockey League, the National Baseball League and were the first socks to go to the moon.

Back at the Community Center, we loaded our boats and walked up the hill to Avicolli’s. Huge plates of Italian food, some with garlic knots “to die for”, warmed our bellies and erased all calories we expended on the 10 mile paddle. Look at the size of Amy’s calzone. It was huge. Take-out boxes were needed.

Today’s paddlers were: Amy, Sue, John, Cindy MP, Rick and Cindy, Kim, Eric, Steve and Pat, Bill, Sandra, Hugh, and first-timer Yingzhen. Welcome, Yingzhen! We are glad you could join us.

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Eric Zhaman

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