Otisco Lake
Sept 24, 2017

This had to be the hottest day we paddled this year. Temps reached 89 and this is LATE September, folks. Whew! A cloud of humidity seemed to be resting in the hills at the end of the lake. We were wet from the inside out after hauling our kayaks from the road to the launch. It was a bit better on the water with the breeze. Coolness came when we waded in the water at the causeway where we paused for a break. We were not alone. There were families everywhere enjoying this nice lake. Motor boats big and small, tubes, paddleboats, fishing boats, sail boats and swimmers dotted the lake and filled the beach as we snacked. We ran into Greg K at the causeway. He has taken a sabbatical from Sunday kayaking to spend time with family and take care of family business too. He was looking good and it was nice to see him. He said his daughter is still hiking a lot. He packed his boat for some time on the lake to fish.

Hugh and Cindy MP ventured through the causeway to paddle the water on the other side. We regrouped and paddled on the shadier west side back to the launch. It was much cooler. Geese honked at some kayakers for no particular reason. A group of seagulls swarmed around Hugh’s boat like it was their mommy. His boat is white after all - just like them.

After the paddle we all chose to refresh at Doug’s Fish Fry. The food was great as usual. We all had ice cream, too. I think we might be a bad influence on our new paddler - eating all those sundaes and cones. The kayakers were Hugh, Cindy MP, Kim, Mike, Gene and Tish (taking a break from their choirs) and newbie Ginny, who conquered those boat waves like a champ. The paddle was approx. 8 miles long. Hugh and Cindy MP put in approx. an extra 3.

I know a few of you were home resting up after an evening with Sir Paul McCartney and all the great Beatle songs. I hope it was amazing.

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz

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