Mays Point
June 18, 2017

Eight showed up at the launch, but only 4 paddled from Mays point. The temperature was an oppressive 88 degrees. Four headed for air conditioning after helping us launch. The four who poo-pooed the heat were Tish, Alice, Sue in her pretty new blue and purple boat and Kim in her F1. It was the F1’s’s maiden voyage (very nice!) We had a wonderful paddle. As expected, it was much cooler on the water. We were rewarded by three eagles, or one eagle who appeared at 3 different locations. We spotted his huge nest as well. We didn’t see any eaglets in it, but heard lots of birds chirping. Herons were plentiful as well as red-winged blackbirds, yellow goldfinches, a bright red cardinal, some terns, and a few breaching fat fish (carp). We circled one island and checked out the waterway by the campground. We also ventured closer to Montezuma refuge on a shady portion of the river. It is not usually navigable for very long, but because the water level is still high, it was a nice side trip. We headed back as the winds increased and we had plenty of time to get off the water before a predicted heavy rainfall was expected. Back on land, we loaded our kayaks, then three of us headed to Prison City Pub in Auburn for refueling.

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz

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