Longbranch to Lions Park
May 28, 2017

Eric, Kim, Deb, Hugh, and 2 new members, Pat and Steve, paddled from Longbranch to Lions Park and back for a total of 10.12 miles. Aneta and Robert went the other way into Onondaga Lake. A few others helped out Kitt at Demo Day. The weather was nice, overcast and pleasantly warm. A few boats were out. The most annoying were the 5 jet skiers who zoomed past several times and “shared” the launch area at Lions Park. The most feared were the swans. Notice what appears to be a big white blob following Steve. That was a puffed up swan. Several females were nesting along the shore as the male patrolled the area. We saw one fly and attack the back of a motor boat. They said he followed them quite a ways. We did our best not to aggravate them. There were plenty of geese watching us from the shore as well as in the water. There were also plenty of fisherman. One caught a huge carp and was reeling it in as his second line snagged another one. An osprey snagged a smaller fish and took it up to a bare branch. A heron watched us as well. He just let Eric paddle by nonchalantly.

We ended the day at our favorite restaurant in the area – The Retreat. Jodie joined us and the food and company were superb.

Images & Report by Eric Zhaman, Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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