Kayuta Lake, Forestport Reservoir and Woodhull Creek
May 21, 2017

The temperature was a nice 60ish degree, but wind was a little strong on Kayuta Lake. Three paddlers Bob, Ray and Robert were returning from their 7 miles pre-paddle on Kayuta. Because of the high water levels, they made it to the waterfall for the first time. They said the wind wasn’t bad, but experience tells us that the wind typically grows stronger as evening approaches. Therefore, ten of us chose to paddle up the road a bit on the Forestport Reservoir. We launched at the Black River Fishing Access by the Forestport Bridge. It is a small reservoir, maybe 3 miles in diameter, and sheltered from the wind. It did have some offshoots to explore. One went to the dam which separated the reservoir from Kayuta Lake. We paused for a picture and noticed a nest with a large hatched egg and a lot of fluffy white feathers. I suspect the family had several little ones.

The second offshoot was on Woodhull Creek and Little Woodhull Creek. We followed it under the green bridge to a set of waterfalls. Tish and Gene got out to explore a bit. It was a lovely spot. There were plenty of yellow buttercups, green fiddleheads and turtles along the shore. A goose seemed to stick his tongue out at me as I took his family picture (zoom in and take a look at that pic). We dodged tree stumps in the middle of the reservoir. The ten paddlers were Dave G, Amy, Doug, Alice, Kim, Rick, Cindy, Bill E, Gene and Tish.

Nine of us went to our traditional spot to dine – the Buffalo Head Restaurant. The menu has changed and unfortunately chicken and biscuits are no longer a Sunday special. Sigh. It was never the same since the original chef left anyway. There is now a brand new chef from California. He sent out a plate of tasty tri tip steak samples. It is quite popular in his home town. The steak was delicious. I ordered it and had a few extra pieces to take home. It was even good cold. Others had burgers, French dip, fish, ?? All liked the improved food. Bread and herb butter were good too. We were too full for dessert. Plus, we were anxious to head for home. The service was pretty slow. I hope that improves, too.

Images & Report by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Amy Wood and Alice Wilson

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