Kayaking Sylvan Beach, Fish Creek NY

June 30, 2013 Sylvan Beach, Fish Creek Paddling

Again the weatherman did not predict a day that was going to be pleasant for paddling. All reports said rain would begin at noon, followed by a thunderstorm beginning at 2 PM, followed by evening rain. Only the precipitation percentages varied – one said 40%, another said 50%, and still another said 60%. The strange thing about that prediction was that it totally conflicted with the radar views. Doppler radar showed no rain going through the area. So, we planned to go onto the creek where we knew we could get to land and shelter quickly if any of those damp predictions were correct. They weren’t. It was sunny and beautiful all day. Twenty kayakers had nothing to worry about.

Morning paddlers: Jerry and Dave L.

Afternoon paddlers: Dave F2, Pam, Eric, Christine, Rick, Bill E., Phil, Kaiden, Kim, Sue, Ruth and Bill, Roger and Anne.

Morning and afternoon paddler: Bob.

New paddlers: James, Ella and Amy.

We dodged the puddles and launched under the bridge amid normal boat traffic. We took a left turn on Fish Creek and paddled to our usual stretch-your-legs point amid normal boat traffic. If you got hungry you could have grabbed a cheese ball out of the water. The creek was full of them. We made our way back to the launch amid normal boat traffic. Yes, many were boating while the sun was shining through the fluffy clouds. Oneida County had it share of rain during the week and there was severe flooding in some areas. The Oneida River nearby was way over its banks and you could see the current was strong. The lake was also higher than usual and muddier. One kayaker who lives in the area had his basement ruined and a relative lost his new home. It was been a rough week for those folks.

After the paddle the dinner group gathered at the Sea Shell Inn Restaurant just past Verona Beach. We would have liked to have sat outside and enjoy the waterfront, but the waitress suggested we check out the odor. We did and we opted to eat indoors. The debris from the flooding created a strong smell of garbage along the shore. Inside was pleasant and the food was very good. The tables were elevated sandboxes covered with glass. We could just look around our place settings to see seashells beneath. It was a nice atmosphere for this outdoorsy bunch.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz and Images by Eric Zhaman

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