Kayaking Owasco Inlet NY

July 7, 2013 Owasco Inlet Paddle

Twelve kayakers knew the weatherman couldn’t be wrong this week. The precipitation percent was 50%. If it rains - it’s right, if it doesn’t rain - it’s right. I guess all we can count on for sure this summer is that there is always some percent of rain predicted during the day. It’s too wet to mow, so we may as well paddle. Those who launched today were Kathy, Kim, Christine with Edgar & Lucy, Sondra, Nancy G, Dave G, Dave F2 w/the tahe, Dave L, Bill, Phil, Eric and John.

We are not sure if the piles of dirt in the water near the launch were hauled there for a reason, or if muck has just accumulated. In any case, there is now grass growing on it. It looks better with the grass, but the weeds and sediment are gathering on one side. On the inlet side the water is high and a gross shade of brown. Sue and Kim paddled the inlet 2-1/2 weeks ago and declared it passable. There were no trees blocking the way and they made it all the way to the Moravia bridge before the current became too strong to go further. Today was a different story. An hour into the paddle we encountered a huge tree which fell straight across the inlet. There was no way around or over it. It looked like someone tried to take a saw to it, but didn’t make much progress. So, we had to turn around.

Back at the launch some got out and stretched their legs, and others loaded up and called it a day. After the break, five kayakers headed out past the gawking seagulls into the lake where the water was much clearer. The weeds prevented us from paddling too close to the east shore. There were a couple of boaters, tubers, and some kids diving from the roof of a boat having a grand time. We crossed over and came back via the west shore. Although there was a nice breeze, the sun was hotter on the open water.

The restaurant at Cascade was closed, so seven of us traveled to Green Shutters by Emerson Park for refueling. We sat outside at a picnic table to eat. The homemade potato chips and breads were particularly good. As we finished up, the dark clouds moved overhead. Perfect timing.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz and Images by Eric Zhaman

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