Nick's Lake Weekend Old Forge NY

June 13 thru 15, 16, 17 or 18, 2013 Nicks Lake Camping Weekend

For some campers the weekend began by setting up in the rain. Some setups took just a minute (is the camper level?), for others the arranging and tying down tarp and putting up tents took a bit longer. At least the rain was not as heavy as it was on the thruway and it did not stay for the whole weekend. Experienced campers like Sue and Dan took advantage of the nice day on Wednesday to travel and setup rain-free. Good thinking.

In total I counted 30 around the fire by Saturday night: Sue and Dan, Hugh, Jim and Mickey, Mike and Di, Nancy, Rick and Cindy, Walt, Dave L, Bob, Dave P, Kathy, Deb, Kim, Christine, Eric, Phil and Nancy, Pam, Donna, Greg, Roger and Anne, Phil and Kaiden, plus our canine friends Lucy and Edgar.

Friday’s paddles were either Nicks Lake shoreline (once or twice) or the Moose River from the bridge via Rondaxe Rd. The water was high on the Moose and the current was strong, moving kayaks along at 6 mph at some points. We got out at the north bridge because the water was too high to go under and too swift to continue on. It was a gorgeous view all the way as usual and a club favorite. Thanks to Dan we did not have to shuttle at the end because he packed us all in his truck (front, back and wayyy back) before we launched. Thanks Dan. Well, truth be told, one had to be shuttled because she left her keys in his truck.

Thursday and Friday evenings some coordinated their meals with friends at the campgrounds and some went to town for restaurant fare. All food seems tastier in Old Forge with friends, whether at the campground or in a restaurant.

The Saturday morning breakfast was a treat with big Mike and Jim cooking the ever famous pancakes on Jim’s site. There are none in this world as good as those cakes!! Thanks to all the cookers and preparers Jim, Mickey, Mike and Di, and Nancy. The trimmings were plentiful as usual with various fruits, meats, pastries, etc, etc, etc.

The evening meal at Sue and Dan’s was a treat as well. There was so much delicious food – we have some great cooks in this club! No one left hungry. Thanks Sue and Dan for hosting. Love the apron and hat too!

Saturday and Sunday activities included biking, hiking around Nick’s lake (4.2 mi), paddling Nick’s Lake (5.2 mi), paddling from Forth Lake (Alger Island access) to an island or an ice cream store in Old Forge and back (10.12 mi), or a 22 mile paddle for the hardy kayakers who braved the waters which filled with boat traffic in the afternoon making the return trip a bit more of a workout. We also ate a lot, shared home-made wine and Monkey beer, and visited the hardware store. We woke up to the bird chorus and loon yodels echoing across the lake. Ahhh. As we dozed off, those of us in tents tried to ignore sounds of creatures, both wild and domesticated. We appreciated the hot water in the bathroom and those nice new private showers.

The weekend was book-ended with a bit more drizzle on Sunday, but that is why God made easy-ups and clotheslines, right? Next camping weekend will be at Eighth Lake in July. Can’t wait!

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz and Images by Eric Zhaman, Walter Stroud, and Jim Hunter

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