Kayaking Hinckley Reservoir NY

Hinckley Reservoir May 19, 2013

The day was overcast with a possible shower but seven paddlers took to the water which included Tish and Gene, Ruth and Bill, Hugh, Christine, and Rick. We launched from a new launch just above the dam which was right on the water. “I did miss the long carrying of your boat from your car to the water at the park we use to launch from.” Ha Ha! Hugh, a great job on the new launch. Thanks a lot.

As we started to paddle across the reservoir it started to sprinkle that only lasted for a short time. We were trying to find a creek to paddle up but thanks to my great map reading skills we never found it. So we paddled on the reservoir going from one side to the other and then to the beach at the park where we used to launch from. A little rest and a bite to eat but the restrooms were still closed for the season. Tish had brought a great pastry from Panera Bread but somehow the box was empty by the time we launched. The reservoir had a little chop but not bad paddling. The reservoir was very low you could walk in places which are normally under water. Hugh made the comment "the reservoir was down about seven feet."

After the paddle it was off to Joel’s for a bite to eat with great friends and then home to end a great day. The map is courtesy of Bill Getz total was 7.7 miles.

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