Kayaking Whitney Point Reservoir NY

Paddling Whitney Point Reservoir June 23, 2013

Twelve kayakers decided that sitting on a body of water in a kayak was better than sitting anywhere else on a super-hot Sunday. The weatherman said the humidity was in the oppressive range and the predicted 90 degrees would feel like 98. A cool place for the club to be was at Whitney Point Reservoir on the Otselic River with its ever blowing breeze, always coming straight at you - on the paddle out AND on the paddle back. The dozen launching at Dorchester Park were: Janice, Sondra, Bob, Phil, Hugh, Bill, Rick, Roger, Christine, Kathy, Gene and Tish.

The water was high, but we could easily go UNDER the bridge this year. We stopped at our usual take-out point to eat snacks and leftovers and to sip some extra liquids. A few went past the take-out area to get a look at the rapids, and then wandered back. A few more were quite jealous of Bob’s ability to roll to cool off. Most of us just stuck our hands, feet and hats into the water to cool down. It was refreshing. Hugh smartly packed an extra assortment of drinks in his hatch, and they were snatched up by thirsty yakers along the way.

Raptors overhead soared on both sides of the reservoir. Thankfully, because of the boat motor and speed restrictions, we did not have to dodge boat traffic going much faster than we were. That’s a nice break!! I am sure some of our other paddle locations were crowded with watercraft.

We ate at the Three Bear Inn on Route 11 in Marathon. It is a great place for good cooking with homemade breads on the salad bar and your choice of one bear, two bear or three bear rib eye steaks. The trout was a favorite. The leather walls are unique and cozy. The place was packed with kayakers. It was the Sunday that they sponsor a Kayak Adventure Day.

The only sprinkle we were aware of dampened the ground while we were eating. I was told that the folks back home got a bit of rain and thunder starting at 1 PM in some areas. Glad it stayed north of us. It was a pretty drive home over the high hills where you could see the warm mist rising out of the trees which were below a beautiful orange sunset.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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