Kayaking Waterloo Seneca Lake NY

June 9, 2013 Waterloo to Seneca Lake Crow’s Nest

Eighteen kayakers mobbed the parking lot and launched in the river amid blaring announcements of varied carp weights. It was a long overdue, perfectly gorgeous, sun shiny day.

In alphabetical order they were Aneta, Anne, Christine, Dave L., Eric, Gene, Hugh, Jim, Kathy, Kim, Pam, Peter, Robert, Roger, Ross, Sondra, Sue, and Tish.

The animals en route included: ducks, geese, baby water fowl of all sorts, a cat eyeing a large family of geese, red-winged black birds warning everyone that we were in the area, a blue heron on patrol, a small heron hanging out with a couple of ducks, swans, turtles big and small (I spared you the pics, you have seen enough), dead fish (spared you those pics, too) and snails all over the restaurant lawn (yucky).

There were no big boats for the first couple of miles (ahh, peaceful), then they were everywhere. I never noticed there were so many marinas in the area.

A bit of art along the river showed how talented some river folks are. There was a wood carving of an Indian, a carving of a man in a tree with a couple of owls, and 2 poor trees decorated with blue beer cans.

Exiting onto the high dock at the restaurant was a new experience for some, but no kayaker fell in before or after their meal. They were ready for us at the Crow’s Nest thanks to Eric calling ahead with our count. The manager made a point to come out to say,”Thank you”. It was a treat to be sitting out on a nice patio. Service was great and there were several interesting items on the menu. Although we were early for dinner we were told we could select something from that menu as well. My mahi-mahi with mango salsa was real tasty. The waitress informed us that we were not the first kayakers to stop by this year. A fellow named Bob in a red kayak stopped by to rest after paddling from Watkins Glen. He was a tad younger than our Bob, but apparently just as ambitious.

With satisfied appetites we reloaded into our kayaks for the quick trip back, dodging the boats along the way. At least they had to go slow on the river. Total miles was 10.4.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz and Images by Eric Zhaman

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