Paddling Fairhaven Sterling Creek NY

May 5, 2013 Sterling Creek from Fairhaven to
Sterling Nature Center Canoe Launch

It was a weather-perfect Sunday and we spent our Cinco de Mayo in a creek. Because it was early in the season we could travel along the northern shore (plus not have to pay to get in). The aquatic plants were just starting to bloom and it would be a struggle to paddle through that northern route in a couple of weeks. There was a slight pungent smell and the green matter which sat on the surface clung to our boats. It was worth it. Turtles were everywhere. Four deer eyed us and scampered off. A few hawks flew by and some eagles were spotted in the distance. There were only a couple of heron and ducks, which usually follow us diligently along this paddle. They must be tending their nests. The swans were huddling and geese dotted the shore making sure we did not come close to any of their land territories. We cleaned it up a bit by fishing out a few stray cans and bottles for Mary’s collection bin.

Back out into the open stream we made good time. We passed through two culverts, a double barrel under Mcintyre Rd and a single under Farden Rd just past the Sterling Renaissance Festival buildings. The take-out was a bit mushy, but there was room to stretch our legs, watch the frogs, and sit on the new steps that replaced the dock. Homemade peanut butter cookies were a hit! The paddle was approx 10 miles.

Nine scooted down to Pirates Landing to enjoy a great post-creek meal and refreshment. It became a quick favorite with their freshly made pasta salads w/burgers, tenders, fish, Ruebens, etc. The rest of the kayakers scooted home to wash their boats and enjoy the rest of the sunny May Sunday.

The kayakers: Gene & Tish, Rick & Cindy, Charles & Mary, Bill & Ruth, Edgar & Lucy, Christine, Bill E, Bob, Eric, Hugh, Greg, Jim H., Kim, Dave L, Dave w/Tahe, and Roger w/homemade 38lb Pygmy Murrelet.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Roger Harrod & Eric Zhaman

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