Kayaking Oneida Shores to Lock 23 NY

May 12, 2013 Kayaking Oneida Shores to Lock 23

Four red kayaks lined up for the Mom’s Day paddle. The water was calm, but we could see white caps across the lake. Bob had arrived early to paddle to Frenchman’s Island and said it was a bit rough coming back. Some fishermen also said the wind picked up in spots. We were not deterred. It looked too nice.

We stayed along the shore. The wind was in our face. It picked up a bit under the bridge, but mellowed out again until we came close to the channel to the Lock. The cross wind was a nice challenge. The wind in the channel gave us some core exercise. We took out at the lock, where someone remembered to carefully put his paddle in the boat, not on the ground. The paddle back was much faster. We moved at approx 1.5 mph without paddling. Some monster boats were out making large rolling waves, but there were not as many as we typically see later in the season. A few jet skis also shared the lake. We took a short trip down the canoe trail and some of us went under the smaller bridge for variety. It was still calm at the launch site and those angry white caps were still visible across the lake. The paddle was 10 miles for Christine, Rick and Kim, and a total of 15 for the day for Bob.

We were able to squeeze in a corner booth with the Mother’s Day crowd at the Waterfront where Eric joined us. Good food. Good company.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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