Lights on the Lake on January 14, 2013

Seven kayakers showed up at Onondaga Lake: Bill E, Roger, Rick P, Kim, Christine, Eric and renowned volunteer Patty G. Four brought their kayaks. Bill helped unload and carry, Roger took some pictures from the banks, and Rick waved from shore (or was he just shivering?) We tramped through the snow to the put-in where there was a small amount of ice to add to the excitement … with an oops!-quick-slide-in. The water was flat and wind was nonexistent even after we paddled around the corner where a few people shipwrecked in years past. Thin ice covered the water in the direction we did not care about. Our direction was clear all the way. The Christmas lights were pretty from the water and additional lights inside the hatches of Eric's boat were cool to look at. We did make it all the way to the display's end and back. The wind picked up slightly on the way back and the night seemed to be brighter this year, even though clouds filled the sky. A highlight was watching the loon. It was surprising to see one on this lake and he put on a show with some short dives.

Back on land (snow bank) we loaded up, put away the antlers, and changed out of the layers we could barely bend over in. We met Rick and Roger at the Retreat. Food and company were great. For the one who was not afraid to try something different (menu’s description, not mine) there was a John’s Revenge sandwich. Wonder how his stomach felt that night! All in all, it was an exhilarating way to start the 2013 CNY kayaking season.