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Chittenango Creek Paddle on April 28, 2013

Eighteen kayakers paddled on this beautiful April Sunday. Twelve paddled Chittenango Creek from Bridgeport to Fisher Bay Restaurant on Oneida Lake. Six made it a 2-way trip, starting and ending at the restaurant.

Early bird 2-way paddlers in red/orange boats: Bob, Sue, Dave G, Kim, Aneta and Robert. Bridgeport launchers in multicolored boats: Bill E, Dave w/Tahe, Greg, Don, Rick, Christine, Ruth and Bill, Tish and Gene, Anne and Roger. They did not meet in the middle, because the strong current near the launch kept the 2-wayers from reaching the scheduled launch site. For the 2-wayers it was like being on a treadmill i.e., good exercise and getting nowhere fast. For the one-way dozen, they were treated to a pleasant lazy-river ride for a few hundred yards as soon as they put in the creek.

Onieda Lake had a nice rock-n-roll, the creek was pleasant with evidence of beaver gnawed trees and busy-beaver people trimming their lawns, painting, doing outdoor work – yuck. A swan showed off his full wing span, an osprey soared above near its nest, a snake had a near collision with a kayak bow, nearby cows came to the edge of the creek for a look at the boats. That’s it for the nature highlights.

Sixteen stayed to eat and chat in the fresh air. Each had a different menu selection and the owner said we kept the kitchen hopping. That was one huge plate of spaghetti they served! A 4-legged visitor named Cody joined us, checked out our plates and left happy after he had the best massage of his life. One kayaker was really hoping he would be the recipient of a neck massage for his aches. Ah, but sometimes the dog gets the better treatment.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Anne Schofield & Roger Harrod

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