Paddling Howland Island NY

Paddling Black Creek NY

At five minutes before launch time the parking area was jammed with eager paddlers (See Picture). At launch time our group had grown to four (Rick, Christine, Hugh, and Walt). The sun was out, the sky was blue, and the water was perfect! We were ready for adventure. Paddling south along Black Creek from the Route 8 bridge, we were paddling against a swift current, but the scenery was so beautiful we hardly notices that the water was slowing us down.

Most of this creek would lead you to believe that you were in the wilderness. It was a very peaceful paddle. Eventually we passed under a small bridge and found a nice place to take out for a stretch and some snacks. Back on the water, we continued upstream until eventually we came to a rapid which was too swift for us to continue paddling upstream. Paddling upstream we clocked about 2 - 2.5 miles per hour. Paddling downstream we clocked about 5.5 - 6 miles per hour.

Back at the landing we loaded our gear and headed for Joel’s Streak House which is one of our traditional energy replacement stops. It was a great trip and one we were glad that we didn’t miss.

Report & Images by Walter Stroud

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