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Kayaking Owasco Inlet on May 27, 2012

The weatherman said there was a 60-65% chance of thunderstorms beginning at 2 PM. Liar! Liar! It was a perfect day for a paddle in the shelter of the trees. Again there was a boatless one – who we were glad to see strutting along. Memorial weekend kayakers were: Kathy (trip guide), Ruth & Bill, Christine, Phil, Eric, Kim, Sue, Bill E and Dave L (without his boat) There was also a threat of downed trees still blocking the waterway. Eric tried during the week to get through to someone who would actually do something (DEC, etc). Not an election year for those folks. Their un-jobs are secure. Several of us arrived early, just in case we needed to haul out some wood. Kathy paddled the day before with her niece to scout it out and the most unpleasant finding was a dead deer rotting by the launch. Luckily it was moved by the time we got there. Well, lucky for all except Eric, who found the carcass by his car. Stink!!!

We all got safely in the murky water and maneuvered around the tree debris. There were fewer downed branches this year, but one blockage was a bit tricky. Everyone used their hands to make it through without dumping (the dogs made it safely, too). It was a bit deeper at the end of the inlet and the current was fairly mellow. At the second blockage and second dead deer, paddlers made their way back. More stink!!

There was a bald eagle spotted at the launch area. Bill E & Kim tried to find it in the trees around the corner without luck (found a nice size crane though). Dave watched the eagle from shore for a while as it soared over the waters looking for a tasty fish to grab. Human fishermen lined the shore. One fellow appeared to be planning to stay awhile and set up 2 tents.

A lovely outhouse sits on shore now. It looks like the chain broke. I’m not sure if it was intentionally placed there. I took a pic of a different kayaker exiting this one. Bet you are hoping this doesn’t become a theme. I dunno. Some people like the potty humor. Check out the T-shirt one of our own was wearing.

Nine of us went to Cascade for dinner. We sat outside, enjoyed our food and the discount they offered the kayak club. The band was setting up, but the lovelier sound was the chirping of the baby birds on a nest nearby. Dave showed off his designer stitches. Most people get a charming scar right down the middle of the knee when they get a replacement. Not Dave. He is just so special. He shared his surgery & recovery adventures. Never a dull moment!

A flag was carefully positioned in a tree along the inlet. It was a nice reminder of those who sacrificed their lives and those who now devote themselves to keeping our country free, so we can paddle without restrictions. God bless them.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Eric Zhaman

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