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Dear Walt, Edie, and Abby,

We have been enjoying your trip gazette, so we decided that this one is for you. 18 paddlers, including some new faces and one on an SUP, joined us at Oneida Shores on a very hot Sunday afternoon. As soon as we launched and headed west, 2 more paddlers who had actually read the web page carefully came from the beach area. They had a better launch because the concrete at the boat launch was slippery from slimy seaweed. There was a moderate amount of boat traffic, including those obnoxious jet skis, but most of them were nice enough to give us some space. The water had big rolling waves that were soothing as they rocked our boats from side to side.

We all made it to Frenchman’s Island State Park at the dock, which was covered with bird fluff. The fear is that it was sticking because of bird goo, but it wasn’t as bad as we thought. We had to park some of the boats up the trail so we could all fit on the tiny beach. Most of us got out to stretch our legs and backs and have a little snack. Then we climbed back in and circled the private island and headed for shore. We did get a little stretched out on the way back, but stayed in small groups. It was very sunny and extremely hot. The last mile took a lot out of many of us, even the veterans.

Everyone helped each other get out of their boats and get them strapped to our cars. We were pleasantly surprised to have new REAL bathrooms instead of the little plastic outhouses. There was actually warm running water and plenty of room to change out of our sweaty gear. Many people came to the Waterfront for food and conversation on the deck, where we got to know our new people a little better.

We can’t wait for this weekend at Nicks Lake!
Hurry home safely, and we’ll see you on the water.
Love from the CNY Kayakers



Kayaking Edgar

Dear Abby,

I’m so glad you started your new business. Why should humans be the only ones with advice columns? My problem is that my mom, Christine, used to take only me out on kayak trips. I could sit wherever I wanted. I was special and everyone knew it. Now she brings along Lucy. That dog sits IN THE COCKPIT where it is all nice and warm and cozy. She doesn’t get splashed (much) or have to suffer the wind and sun. What did I do wrong? How can I survive knowing that I have to give up my favorite seat and sit behind my mom. I mean, there is no VIEW there! If I turn around and face the back, I feel seasick. I feel so dejected.


Report by Tish Evans, Images by Kim Wojnowicz,Eric Zhaman and Ross Relyea

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