Nicks Lake kayaking

Nick's Lake Weekend 2012

The paddlers, campers and friends (in no special order): Eric, Christine, Edgar, Lucy, Deb, Kim, Hugh, Bob B, John, Bill, Nancy, Gene & Tish, Sue & Dan, Roger & Anne, Rick & Cindy, Jim & Mickey, Big Mike & Di, Phil & Nancy T, Patty and a few anonymous extras who joined us on the train.

The paddles:

On Thursday - Upper Moose2.4 mph lazy float down and then a tad more energetic 2 mile paddle back against the current. On Friday – Nick’s Lake with accompanying canoe and 80-lb rock (to keep Mike afloat) On Saturday – 1) Moose River middle branch with Adirondack scenic train ride (7.3 miles, not 6). 2) Old Forge Pond+First+ Second+Third+ Fourth Lake (the 20-miler crew). 3) Old Forge Pond to Fourth Lake around Alger Island. On Sunday - 1) Nick’s Lake. 2) Fifth Lake + more bodies of water (I don’t know how far that group went).

The food:

Thursday - Dan’s fabulous pork rib on the grill w/ salt potatoes & green beans w/red peppers. Friday- Diners ate at The Old Mill and campers grilled at their sites. Saturday - Jim & Mike’s fabulous pancakes with all the fixings for breakfast. Always a treat! Thank you Hunters & Rookeys!! Dinner hosted by Sue & Dan with lots of dishes passed like sloppy Joes, goulash, sausage w/peppers & onions, hot dogs, cole slaw, zucchini-tomato casserole, salt potatoes, pasta salad, cheese & crackers, fruit salad, deviled eggs, cookies, Texas sheet cake, yum, yum yum. Thanks to Sue & Dan for hosting this crazy bunch. Sunday – Leftovers (bagels, deviled eggs, hotdogs, sausage).


We SAW a chubby-cheeked swimming chipmunk, turtles, deer, birds, red squirrels, a loon couple minding their eggs on a nest, frogs, duck families on and off the water, fungi, and a persistent raccoon trying to get into the metal garbage bin. We HEARD growls in the night. Unfortunately we did not hear the loons calling all weekend but the relative peace and quiet and beauty of the lake, trees, sky, butterflies and wildflowers was restfully recuperative.

The weather:

Gorgeous ALL WEEKEND. It was a perfect temperature, lots of sun, no humidity, and nice breeze. Unbelievable!! Kim’s wine thermometer said the Nicks Lake water temperature was 74 F.

The other activities:

Biking, hiking, gazing at nature (aka scantily clad girls), geocaching, nice warm showers in the new facility on loop C, manipulating an unfrozen shoulder, watching classic cars squeal their tires, eating ice cream, reading in a hammock, and golfing at Thendara. Some nonpaddlers enjoyed their quiet reading time outdoors as the campground was more than half empty and our evening campfire gatherings were sedate.

The law:

Oops! It is a 15 mph speed limit. Sorry officer.

A grand time was had by the happy campers and kayakers.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz,Report by Cindy Phillips, Images by Eric Zhaman and Jim Hunter

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