Clyde River on October 7, 2012

We knew if the weatherman was correct we would start getting wet at 4 PM, but it was such a beautiful day for a fall paddle that we were going to risk a few drops. It was particularly easy to keep track of names today. There were Greg, Kim, and Sondra who drove up from Ithaca.

We were not alone. Several trailers cluttered the parking lot. We saw big boats, fishing boats, a canoe, 5 other kayakers, fishermen on shore and hikers on the wildlife trail. There were plenty of animals to keep us company as well - herons, a couple of deer, ducks, geese, an unidentifiable hawk-like bird, killdeer, carp and more heron which seemed to enjoy darting back and forth across the river keeping an eye on us. We checked out a few muskrat holes to see if anyone inside would budge. Some of their homes have become quite extensive. The vegetation is transitioning as well. The milkweed pods were opening and spreading their seeds. The tree colors are still somewhat muted.

We took the first left off the warm Seneca River and checked out the red clay. It ended after a short time at the edge of the thruway with annoying traffic noise. We checked out the second left (Clyde River) which took us to the levee at Mays point. It was quite peaceful and beautiful until we hit civilization. The plastics and tires resting in the water against the branches sure spoil the waterway.

It started sprinkling about 45 minutes earlier than expected so we never made it to the next left onto the Erie Canal. Back on land, and a bit wet, we shared the uniquely refreshing taste of the York peppermint patty and got the sensation of a cool fall rain. Every good paddle should end with dessert.