Lions Park Paddle on Sept 30, 2012

Bill was already waiting at the park when I arrived at 12:30. While he called his wife to see if the paddle was canceled and worried if anyone else was going to show up I unloaded my boat (after all I didn,t just put it up there to make my car look pretty) and got ready to paddle. Bill decided no one else was probably going to show up and decided he would join me. We launched at 1:00 and decided to head up towards Baldwinsville exploring bays and coves along the way. A large bay across from the launch site took us back in a ways and around two curves before becoming a dead end just shy of the river again. The water in the bay was smooth as glass and so clear we could see every detail on the bottom. As we paddled along we saw more than our share of ducks, geese, cormorants, and Great Blue Herons. We even got to witness a fight over territory as one heron chased off another squawking and diving at his rival until he had flown far enough away. However the best treat was when a totally unexpected Bald Eagle flew out of the woods and across the river above us he then flew up the river a short distance turned west and went out of sight.

We paddled up to the lock passing a few boats along the way, turned around and decided to go back around the point and make our way up to the dam. It was such a nice day we decided to go back down river and would paddle until we thought we should head home in time for dinner. We were almost to the Railroad bridge when a light rain started to fall. We had both prepared for the worst before leaving just in case. We decided to go as far as the bridge then turn around and head back to the park. We got back to the park at 3:00 so we got in a solid 2 hours of paddling. We packed up in the rain and headed home to have dinner with our families. I topped of my day with a homemade ice-cream Sunday.

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