Lewey Lake Camping Trip Sept 20 - 24, 2012

Thursday Sept 20

Sue & Dan, Mary & Charles, Kathy, Greg K, Walt, Eric, Kim, Dave L and Walt settled in, paddled, ate, walked, and listened to the loons, geese and the noisy night owl. Walt settled in a little deeper than the rest of us. The front tire of his land yacht sank in the sand. Walt shoveled and Greg tried to pull him out with his truck, but each effort appeared to leave it deeper in the dirt. AAA was called to bring a tow truck with a winch. The 35 minute wait turned into an hour and a half with a pick-up truck arriving as Walt called AAA once again on the camp phone. Thankfully the pick-up was able to get it out, the shovel was returned, the audience dispersed and a warm meal was shared. The yacht must have been weighed down by that extra gear: a nice-looking 17 pound Hornbeck canoe.

Friday Sept 21

Roger & Anne, Robert & Aneta, Jim & Mickey, Big Mike & Di, and Nancy arrived at various times. The group split up and there was something adventurous for everyone. A few found a nice trail to hike. A couple paddled the Jessup River, Kunjamuk, and beyond at noon. A couple more paddled the Jessup, Kunjamuk, and beyond at 2:00 P.M. Both groups ran into a few beaver dams to negotiate. A few kayakers drove to the Northville Launch to paddle 12.3 miles of the Sacandaga River and the Great Sacandaga Lake. They were greeted by an eagle fly-by as they arrived. Eleven of the campers met at the Speculator Inn for entrées with palm trees as well as a scallop dinner that looked just like chicken parmesan. (It wasn't a mistake, the restaurant ran out of scallops so one person had to sacrifice.)

Saturday Sept 22

A yacker or two arose at dawn and paddled Lewey Lake as the mist rose over the mountains. The pair of loons quietly cooed to each other as the morning light broke through the clouds. On land, kayakers gathered for a hardy breakfast at the Hunter's camp site. It is always a treat!!; Thanks for flippin' those pancakes Jim & Big Mike and sharing your site (and scaring off those ducks).

The early group set off for an 18 mile paddle on Indian Lake where they spotted a mink and weasel. The water marker indicated that the level was down 9.5 feet this year. It was down a mere 8 feet in 2010.

A second group paddled the circumference of Mason Lake. It was 3.7 miles of Adirondack beauty. A third group of paddlers launched on Lewey Lake and tried their hand at negotiating some beaver dams too.

The rain held off until early afternoon and the predicted thunderstorms never found us. All gathered for a wet tarp put-together session and dinner at Anne and Roger's site. The food was fabulous!!! Greg brought his guitar and added some nice tunes to the festivities. It was a wonderful evening.

Sunday Sept 23

It was pack-up day for those who needed to wander back home. Some left early, some stayed late. The weather report predicted a cool (cold!) overnight temperature of 34 degrees, but 3 people didn't care. It was too windy to paddle so we gathered by warm campfires, chatted, and walked a bit. We went into town to get out of the wind for a while and grabbed a bite to eat before returning to a blazing camp fire.

Monday Sept 24

Crawling out from their warm beds and sleeping bag was a little tougher this morning, but the promised pot of fresh hot coffee helped. The last of us -Jim, Mickey, and Kim- dragged the pleasant weekend out as long as we could. We packed up everything the wind had dried out for us yesterday and made our way home. I took the north route through Blue Mountain to enjoy the beautiful colors of the trees just a tad longer.

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