Beach Day at Lakeview Mash Aug 30 - Sept 9, 2012

Fourteen kayakers headed to our favorite beach at Lakeview Mash by three different launches. One by the way of Pierrepont Point, two by the way of the Route 3 Bridge and the rest from Montario Point. The water levels were down at all three launches but the lowest was at Montario Point where Hugh gave his feet a free mud pack. Hugh had just bought a tandem for Jodi so she could join club paddles but the water levels turn out to be a problem for the tandem (Hugh and Jodi took a different route back).

Out at the beach the sun was great but a cool breeze gave you a chill, we had our normal table of goodies. The lake had 1 to 2 foot rollers but a few adventured out to play in the waves. Three were caught by the rollers and flipped (no names mentioned but one was new to kayaking) while the rest spent the afternoon talking and resting on the beach. Then it was off to the Water Front a Brewerton for a bite to eat.