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Paddlefest Weekend 2012

The pre-paddlefest paddlers (Eric, Deb, Kim, Sue, Dan, Bill and Pam without her boat!) arrived Thursday. Bill made his way to his camp, which he vacated when the temperatures plunged and the heater wouldn’t cooperate. Nights are still very cold in the Adirondacks. Mary and Charles made their way south from a Tupper Lake campsite, where they toughed it out with the deer and paddle leash-eating coyotes. They settled into a tent at Nick’s Lake with a surprising number of other campers on opening day. The rest stayed at Clark’s Beach Hotel in luxury – indoor pool, screened in porch, soft beds, loon tremolos, hot water from the tap, sand and water views. Ahhhh.

Friday was just gorgeous, so we plopped ourselves into our kayaks at the marina on Old Forge Pond. We paddled First, Second, Third, and Forth Lake then stopped for lunch on Alger Island (those IGA subs were tasty). Luckily, the black flies and mosquitoes we passed by on shore near Third Lake weren’t interested in Alger. It was a perfect temperature with no humidity, nice breeze, clean picnic table, and stink-free outhouse. We enjoyed the scenery for a while before heading back the way we came (12.6 miles total). Check out that pike someone caught. It was squirming and almost got him in a very delicate spot.

The loons started “crying” on our way back and we soon realized why. There was a jet ski coming around the corner right at them as fast as it could go. It is so sad. I am sure with that entire jet motor racket they never heard those beautiful birds.

We dined at all the best places, biked, swam, hiked and walked a lot, almost golfed & played Bingo, and watched several deer that jumped fences to trim the lawns. Saturday we visited the fest, listened to some new speakers, tried big/little boats and SUPs. Kim’s sister, Deb, was particularly fond of the boards and had to try out a few styles.

Kayuta Lake Paddle on Sunday, May 20

Sunday was another gorgeous day for a paddle in the Adirondacks. Those who agreed were Gene & Tish, Mary & Charles, Aneta & Rob, Hugh, Jerry, Bill, Greg, Bob, Sue, Deb, Kim, Eric (our trip guide), and Nina (from Utica-Rome area). It was easy paddling and we enjoyed not having to dodge the boats that take over the lake as summer sets in. The early birds, Bob & Jerry, got in approx 18.4 miles for the day. I think Bob was upright for 30% of it. He just keeps rolling & rolling & rolling. The paddlers who launched at noon floated for 10-11 miles.

We stopped at our normal beach area, with enough sand for all (including a rabble of butterflies). Kim’s wine thermometer said the water temp was 63.5 F. Nina took a refreshing dip in it (on purpose). The paddle back was surprisingly easy. I can’t remember ever paddling that last half hour without wind gusting in our faces. My sister was quite pleased and thoroughly enjoyed her first paddle.

The best was yet to come! Off to Buffalo Head. You can see from the pics who chose the famous chicken & biscuits and mountain-sized pieces of coconut pie. The smartest one of the bunch ate his pie as an appetizer. Way to go, Charles!!!! Walt would be so proud. We hope you are having a great time in your land yacht, Walt. We missed our club leaders on this trip, but I guess they taught us well. Everyone chipped in and we survived to paddle another day.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Eric Zhaman

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