Kayaking Kayuta Lake on August 12, 2012

Google turned a pleasant ride to the new Adirondack launch site into a maze with misnamed roads and nonexistent county road numbers for some unsuspecting kayakers. A gas station attendant was equally confused by our internet directions and sent us off on a different route. GPS systems weren't helping much either. Being on the right road was only half the battle. There was no guarantee that you were traveling in the right direction, whatever it was. Arghhh!! Once there, the bridge was one we had seen before from the water and a better way (along with a few other choice words) immediately came to mind and in some cases rolled off the tongue. The dozen who chose to paddle, crawled over the railing and down the hill with their boats to plop in the path through the weeds. Bob, Rick, Eric, Roger, Spiderman, Walt, Sue, Kim, Robert & Aneta, Gene & Tish set off under the bridge and down the river as turtles watched from the banks. We turned around at the rapids and stretched our legs at the customary sandy shore. Back to the bridge we split up. Four took off for additional Sunday events off the water, two added extra miles by paddling to the damn, and six checked out a lily-pad cove across the Lakea>. Back at the launch site there was another plop. Some suggested that the water baptism was atonement for the sin of trusting a Google balloon on a map instead of providing directions to the launch site. He shall sin no more.

Dinner at Buffalo Head was a treat as usual. Ah, but no mile-high pie pictures, because no one saved room in their stomachs. We must keep in mind the lesson taught by Charles - eat your pie first!