Kayaking Horseshoe Island on June 3, 2012

The weatherman predicted that there was a 100% chance of rain at noon tapering off to 30% at launch time. He guessed a little better this week. It sprinkled until about 1:20 PM then it tapered off to a fine mist. We spotted blue skies peaking through the clouds, donned our loveliest bought-n-borrowed rain hats and headed in that direction. The "I-am-not-afraid-to-get-wet" kayakers were: Rick (trip guide), Greg, John, Eric, Kim, Sue, Anne and Roger. Again there was someone who came without his boat. This time it was understandable. David just bought a kayak from Kit & Kathy last week and wasn't quite ready to paddle with the club.

We went counterclockwise on the Oneida River around the Island. The geese were everywhere proudly showing off their families. We took a little side trip under a small bridge to a marshy area. The fishermen and kids reeled in their lines hanging over the bridge, so a kayaker didn't become their catch of the day. Fishermen were everywhere. Most said they were having a pretty good day. There were a few boaters out warming up their motors. There were a few more along the shore cleaning up their big boats. A heron watched us from shore and birds were chirping everywhere.


We dined at Euclid. They had a nice senior selection which a few seniors and a senior wantabe took advantage of. Those smaller size portions were plenty big enough.

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