Kayaking Hinckley Reservoir on July 22, 2012

Just a quick summary because I have to get ready for Eighth Lake camping (like a bunch of you) …

Seventeen kayakers accompanied our adventurer Walt on his first paddle of the year. Bouncing around in the waves for approx 12.4 miles on the reservoir were: Hugh (trip guide and financial advisor), Ruth & Bill, Gene & Tish, Anne & Roger, Charles & Mary, bionic Spiderman, Sue, Kathy, Bill E, Bob, Pam, Dave with the new Tahe, Kim and Walt.

The first mission for our guide was finding a launch that didn't want to rip us off to the tune of $10. Yes, he gave them an earful, and yes he found a spot to launch for free with a minor shuttle, and no they wouldn't give him his money back. Oh, so mad!! The water level was extremely low which meant our usual stopping place was much larger and mucky, so we didn't stop and chance a lost shoe or two. There were a few boats to watch out for - mostly because the drivers were too busy with their passengers to look ahead of them. There was one successful "T" rescue. Bob stopped at 180. Whoops! The storm that was supposed to roll in around 3 PM went elsewhere I guess. It was a tad dark, only on one side, but no sprinkles spoiled our trip. Love that weatherman. I am hoping he is wrong about this weekend's sprinkles, too. The Buffalo Head was the obvious place for refueling. Only one had an order of chicken & biscuits, and no one had room for mile-high pie. The tradition is slowly fading …….along with a couple of fat molecules maybe.

See you soon, by the campfire, Ahhhh.

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