Kayaking Cazenovia Lake on July 8, 2012

A throng of kayakers packed the small launch area parking lot on the southern end of Cazenovia Lake. Out for this splendid Sunday paddle were: Kim (trip guide), Hugh with siblings Joy & Annie, Ruth & Bill, Rick & Cindy, Anne & Roger, Pam, Louise, Michele, Kathy, Sandy, Greg, Bill E, Jessica, Dan, Christine, Eric, Lisa, Bob, Paula, Dave F, another Dave and Nina (who shared how much she likes the name Dave). Also accompanying their owners were some lucky pooches named Edgar, Lucy, and Halo. I hope all the newbie's had a good time. They did great!!

The lake was quite calm for the first 10 minutes, and then the predicted 8-15 mph winds kicked up some rolling waves. We started off at a strong pace against the winds, getting our muscles well warmed and our healthy hearts a-pumping. Our first stop would be at the new lovely public park area on the northeastern side, set aside for boaters like us. Only a handful exited their boat onto the tiny pathway (I mean, lovely launch area) to the portal potty for a view of a parking lot and I guess some grass.

Okay, so for our next adventure we would look for a little creek on the eastern shore. After a truly lazy paddle back (4 mph surf - no paddles needed) we found the quick left by Lakeland Park which headed down a small stream through a culvert to a small damn. Some paddlers we passed on the way back said when the water is a little higher you can paddle over the damn. That sounded like fun. I checked it out on-line and that small waterway flows into Chittenango Creek which then flows north over Chittenango Falls and eventually into Oneida Lake's south shore in Bridgeport. Bob B. could meet us half way!

All made their way safely back to where they began their paddle. Whew! Keeping this group together is no small task. We got so spread out (as usual).

Nine of us went to Lincklaen House, downstairs in the Seven Stone Steps for dinner. The food was excellent and the atmosphere very unique. The wood tables and wall décor dated back quite a few years with all the diggings & carvings left intact for future generations to continue to "read". The complimentary popovers with flavored butter were a treat, but of course the entertaining company was the best part. It was an enjoyable summer day.

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