The Following is a list of paddling equipment for day paddling (In addition to your kayak and paddle):

Required - Coast Guard Approved PFD, Whistle, Appropriate Clothing and Footwear for Weather Conditions

Recommended - Personal ID, Sunscreen, Sun Glasses, Insect Repellent, Drinking Water, Snacks, Bilge Pump and/or Sponge

Additional Equipment (Optional) - Spray Skirt, Paddle Leash, Extra Paddle (If Paddling Alone), Paddle Float (For Self Rescue), Personal First Aid Kit


Some weeks, trip details may not be posted until the Thursday evening before the paddle - please be patient!!

Be sure to check the schedule the night before the trip in the event that last minute changes are necessary.

For early and late season paddles, it is critical that you dress accordingly - wet/dry suits are STRONGLY recommended!!

Also note the current weather conditions at the bottom of this page.


Special Note
Posted launch time means that you should be prepared to actually launch at that time.  If you are not prepared to launch at that time, you may be left behind.  Therefore, you should plan accordingly and arrive at the launch site early.

Posted meeting time means we will be meeting at a given location at a particular time and then caravan to the actual launch site.  If you arrive late at the meeting site, you may be left behind. Therefore, you should plan accordingly and arrive at the meeting site early.

Trip Report
(When Posted)
June 22-24
Schodack Island State Park Camping

July 20-22
Kring Point State Park Camping

August 16-19
Lake Eaton Camping

Sept 14-16
Lewey Lake Camping

More information at a later date.

Want to paddle on a day we don't have a trip? Leave the date and details on the message board to find some company!

Thanks for the inspiration, Jim.
We'll miss you!

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