Moffitt Beach Camping/Kayaking Weekend
July 21-23, 2017

We will be in LOOP A which is campsites 215-260.  If you are interested in camping, you will need to make your own campsite reservations through Reserve America Online.  Continue to check back for more information.


Friday Earlybird Paddle:
  Friday we expect to paddle on the Jessup River. Low water prevented us from paddling this last fall, and rain prevented us from paddling much of anything last spring, so we will try it in the summer.  We expect to launch by noon, allowing time for people to set up their tents.

Friday Dinner:  Some people will meet to go out to dinner on Friday at the Speculator Inn and others will opt to eat at the campground.

Saturday Group Breakfast:  
Breakfast will be on a volunteer’s site.  Please post what you are bringing on the message board. 

Saturday Group Paddle:  Saturday we will leave from the campground about a half hour after breakfast cleanup.  If you are not camping with us and wish to paddle with the club, please be at the campground by 10 AM. 
The paddle location will be posted as we get closer to the weekend.

Saturday Group Dinner:  Stay tuned for the location and don't forget to list your dish on the message board.

Sunday and Monday - You are on your own for activities on these dates.

Please Note:  If you plan to paddle with us on Friday or Saturday and are not camping, please let us know. Paddle locations and times could change due to unforeseen circumstances, like the unpredictable weather.

Directions:  Take the Thruway east to the Utica exit and then take Rts 8 & 12 north.  A little ways north of Utica Rts 8 & 12 split.  Be sure to stay on Rt 8 until just outside Speculator.  Entrance to the campground is on the left.  Alternately, you may take the Verona (Turning Stone) Exit 33.  Follow Rt 365 East until the end, then turn left on Rt 8 north.
GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude): 43.49012, -74.4104

Please Note: Directions for each trip are provided to help people unfamiliar with the area to find the location of the trip. They are not meant to necessarily be the most direct route from your own location.

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