Mays Point
Sunday, November 2, 2014
Launch Time 1:00 PM
This is a Date Change

We would like to paddle from Mays Point on Sunday, October 26.  It is a good paddle for the expected small group of cold weather people.  The area is full of wildlife and somewhat sheltered from the wind.  Launch time is 1:00 PM

Directions: Mays Point launch site is across the street from S Mays Point Rd just before Lock #25.  If you take route 5&20 west past the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, and turn right on route 89 heading north, it is approx 5 minutes (3.4 miles) down the road on your left.  The launch has room for just a few cars, but you can park along route 89 or across the street on S Mays Point Rd after dropping off your kayak.
GPS location 42.995296,-76.764881

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