Wednesday Morning Paddles

Grab your coffee and join us for SOMETHING NEW this year, a WEDNESDAY MORNING paddle.  The plan is to be paddling by 9 AM on local waterways to observe nature (before their afternoon naps).   These trips will be posted on the message board (once the water warms up a bit, folks).


1 - Can anyone come?  Sure.  Bring a signed waver (on the HOME page), if not a club member already.

2 - Will you tell my boss?  Nope.  Only nature pictures and aliases allowed.  We can make up
     a name for you if you don't have one.

3 - Can I still paddle on Sundays?  Yes. We encourage multiple paddle days.

4 - Can I bring my dog?  Absolutely.  He will be in good company. Don't forget his PFD.

Please be sure that you are properly dressed for the paddle and have all appropriate equipment.