Lewey Lake
Camping/Kayaking Weekend
September 20-22, 2013

Indian Lake

We have volunteers to host the Saturday group breakfast and the Saturday group dinner.  Please go to the message board and indicate what you wish to contribute.

Note: Last year some participants camped on the side of the lake near the showers (Campsites 138-161).  These campsites are either near or on the water accessible to Lewey Lake.  Some people opted to camp on the non-shower side of the lake (Campsites 101 -121).  So its up to you to pick a campsite.   Also, some campers may be going up on Thursday.  If you are interested in camping, you will need to make your own campsite reservations through Reserve America Online.

Friday Earlybird Paddle
Some people will want to paddle on Friday.  It is up to you to schedule your own paddle.  If you are interested in sharing your paddle with others, you can post your time and location on the message board.  Some people will meet to go out to dinner on Friday and others will opt to eat at the campground.

Saturday Group Breakfast
Jim has volunteered to host the Saturday breakfast on Site 87.  Please go to the message board and indicate what you wish to contribute to the breakfast.

Saturday Group Paddle 
Location to be determined.

Saturday Group Dinner
Pam & Michelle have volunteered to host the Saturday dinner on Site 150. 
Please go to the message board and indicate what you wish to contribute to the dinner.

Sunday and Monday
You are on your own for activities on these dates.

 If you have already reserved a site, please post the number of the site that you will be on.  We may be spread out this year, so it would be helpful to know where people are.

Note:  You are on your own for any other meals.

Experience Level: September can be cool and breezy. If you are going to paddle Indian Lake, you must feel comfortable on open water with 1-2 feet swells and paddling 10-12 miles.  Other easier paddles may be available. Be sure that you are properly dressed for the paddle and have all appropriate equipment. A spray skirt would be helpful.

From the Quiet Water Canoe Guide: Indian Lake offers wonderful paddling opportunities with many bays, inlets, protected coves and islands to explore. Paddle the lake’s southern half – more protected than north end of lake; southern half is where most of the campsites are. Paddling out from the boat access at end of the western arm, note Snowy Mountain to the north (potential to see peregrine falcons); two picnic areas available – smaller one approximately 2.0 miles down, on an island right hand side of shore; 2nd area is at the very end of the arm – has picnic tables, grate, outhouse, wide boat-landing area; boasts beautiful series of cascading waterfalls w/ brook; paddle to Jessup River and return.

Directions: From New York State Thruway (I-90), Exit 27 at Amsterdam; north on Route 30 through the villages of Wells, and Speculator. Campground is 12 miles north on Route 30 from Speculator on the left side of the road.

Please Note: Directions for each trip are provided to help people unfamiliar with the area to find the location of the trip. They are not meant to necessarily be the most direct route from your own location

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