Rollins Pond
August 9-14, 2011

Gene and Tish Evans have reserved site 82 from August 9th to August 14th at Rollins Pond and would like to know if anyone would like to join them for all or part of that time.  They have provided the following information:

There is usually musical entertainment at the amphitheater on Wednesday or Thursday night, and the ice cream truck rolls past each site around 5:30 with generous scoops. The single is enough for me!

I'd like to do one day with the big loop, but would think about doing one direction, then the other direction.

If it rains, there is a great museum called the WILD Museum in Tupper Lake. There is also the Visitor Information Center (VIC) north of there at Paul Smith College. There is good hiking there, ranger walks & talks, and a great butterfly house.

There are other lakes and DEC sites up there that we can enter with just our tags from Rollins.

What I love the most is that motor boats are banned (no jet skis!!) and the easy access to the water (better than Moffitt Beach).

There are stores in town- groceries are available nearby- price is dependent upon convenience. The firewood truck comes around each night too.

Campsites will go fast, so if you are interested, you need to make reservations ASAP.  If you are interested, contact Gene and Tish or post a message on the message board.