Kickoff Banquet
Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little Humor

While paddling off the Florida coast, a tourist capsized his kayak. He could swim, but his fear of alligators kept him clinging to the overturned craft. Spotting an old beachcomber standing on the shore, the tourist shouted "Are there any gators around here?!" "Naw" the man hollered back, "they ain't been around for years!" Feeling safe, the  tourist started swimming leisurely toward the shore. About halfway there he asked the guy "How'd you get rid of the gators?"

"We didn't do nothin'," the beachcomber said. "The sharks got 'em."

Mark your calendars. The CNY Kayakers Annual Season Kick-Off Banquet will be held at Fisher Bay Restaurant on Sunday, April 11th.

We will be having a paddle before the banquet which will launch from the Fisher Bay Restaurant at 11:00 AM.  Be sure that you are properly dressed for the paddle and have all appropriate equipment. A spray skirt would be helpful.  The banquet will start a 1:00 PM with dinner scheduled for 1:30 PM.

Featured will be guest speaker Kenneth Straw, Flotilla Commander for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary in the Syracuse area.  His presentation may include such topics as:

        The value and maintenance of recreational boat safety equipment (VSC)
        Safe boating techniques; the right behaviors (VSC)
        Cold water safety issues; cold water immersion
        On the water environmental issues
        Alcohol and its impact on the recreational boater

We look forward to hearing from Commander Straw.

Reservations:  The price is $20 per person (gives us a couple bucks toward the cake). Make check payable to "CNY Kayakers".  Mail or drop off the check at the shop, or mail check to CNY Kayakers, 4930 Kasson Road, Syracuse, NY 13215.  The menu is the same as the last one.  We need all money and reservations in by April 2.

Directions From Syracuse: Take Route 81 North to Route 31. Take Route 31 East to Bridgeport and then click on the link below for a map.

Please Note: Directions for each trip are provided to help people unfamiliar with the area to find the location of the trip. They are not meant to necessarily be the most direct route from your own location.

Click Here For Directions To Fisher Bay Restaurant

See You All At The Banquet.